20 years Umbrellas

This year the Umbrellas count 20 years of presence in the public space of Thessloniki and the love of the residents for the city’s emblematic sculpture gave it the title “the Umbrellas of Thessaloniki”.

George Zongolopoulos presented for the first time the Umbrellas in 1995 during the celebration for the centenary of the Venice Biennale. The sculpture was placed on a floating platform at the entrance of the exhibition and received rigorous criticism, drawing remarkable publicity internationally. Zongolopoulos felt particularly honored with the installation of the sculpture Umbrellas in Thessaloniki in 1997, the year when the city was the European Capital of Culture, without being able to imagine then- in the age of 96- that his sculpture would be an important reference point for the public space of Greece.


The sculpture lives at the New Seaside (Nea Paralia) of Thessaloniki and actively participates in the everyday life of both city residents and visitors either through the pleasure that a work of art can offer, or by informing and sensitizing citizens on a variety of social activities, like it happens with the occasional photo shoots of the monument for various campaigns of social information.

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