8th Festival of Education

Children’s smiles, energy and vitality are expected to fill the Hall of the Municipal Theater of “Chili Street” on Wednesday (7/3), as there will be an 8th Festival of Education, entitled “Children create and communicate between organized by the Municipality of Kalamaria, in cooperation with the schools of Primary and Secondary Education of the city.

The actors will of course be small and large students who, with the help and support of their teachers and teachers, present themselves to the student community through their numerous and varied events, their artistic skills, their quests, their concerns, talent, their imagination and creativity. This year’s event is attended by 1,300 students from a Kindergarten, 12 Elementary Schools, 4 Junior High Schools and the EPAL and the aim of the Festival is to cultivate cultural consciousness as well as to strengthen student relations. Through different expressions of art, such as dance, music, singing, painting, theater, and others, students communicate with each other and propose, in their own voice, movement and gaze, a youthful view of society and the problems we all experience. In addition, they share with their audience, talent their artistic creations and concerns, in the most creative, imaginative and pleasant way. Throughout the duration of the Festival, the exhibition will be held in the foyer and in the theater hall, exhibition of visual arts and other creations of pupils from the 1st, 4th, 5th and 8th elementary schools, 3rd and 3rd lyceum.

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