About kindergartens

Currently, the WTO-OTEA protest on the subject of compulsory pre-school education from the age of four years is underway in Athens. It is worth noting that due to the mobilization, the municipal kindergartens are still closed, while a nationwide posture is in progress in the other services of the municipalities until the end of the morning shift. The provision in question is in the bill of the Ministry of Education for the establishment of the University of Western Attica, which was introduced today for voting in the plenary session of the Parliament. “We will not allow the municipal kindergartens and their educators to be devalued. Our struggle will continue, “the presidents of WTO-OTA, Nikos Trakas, and PASYVN, Evangelia Kalaitzi said before the start of the race. For its part, the KEDE is seeking to withdraw, even at this very last moment, the provision of the ministry of education, which provides for the inclusion of compulsory four-year-olds in compulsory education. The KEDE even notes that due to the large lack of nursery and teaching staff rooms, it calls for the relevant provision to be withdrawn and for a fruitful dialogue between the Local Government and the Ministry of Education and a transitional stage of implementation as well as potential. So parents can choose whether their child is going to kindergarten or kindergarten.

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