Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The Archaeological Museum is a real gem for Thessaloniki as it hides in it all the historical treasures of Macedonia.

A walk in the museum will be able to convince you as it offers a unique journey in time, bringing young and old to other glorious times.

The museum is divided into several sections based on the chronological age of the finds, starting from the Neolithic and Classical Era and dating back to the Roman period. There is also a section that gives visitors the opportunity to put a “prehistoric” look at the evolution of Macedonian culture. Your children will discover the secrets of the everyday life of the ancient Macedonians and they will initiate the ancient games through the museum’s relevant exhibits.

They will also see various handmade tools made of clay, stone or metal, as well as beautiful mosaics and frescoes depicting human figures or moments from the cultural events of that time.

Version for children

Only a very concise and yet entertaining educational leaflet for ancient games, based on exhibits of the museum, has just been released from the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum.

A hero of our history, little Dimitris, who, during a study visit with his school at the museum, drifts from a “game of his imagination” in front of a showcase with ancient toys, “travels” to the distant past and learns how they played children in antiquity …

The form is addressed to children aged 7+ and is bilingual (Greek and English).

Text-edited by: Evangelia Tsagaraki, Eformia Tsiamga, Styliani Manthi

Illustration – Graphic design: Roxanis Vlachopoulou

Know that …

Every little friend is welcome in the museum but this is accessible to families with children aged 7 years and over.
A breakfast or an afternoon is enough for a complete visit to the Museum.
The Museum is located in the center of Thessaloniki, across from the Xanthi Park. Access is very easy and you can visit it either by taxi, by bus or even by foot.


Address: Manolis Andronikou 6, Tel. 2313 310201. Website:

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