In the green, the mountainous town of Arnea, Halkidiki, is a traditional settlement with many beauties and dew.

Trademark: The plane tree with the tap in the center of Arnea, where you can make a stop to relax and cool off.

Go: It is worth walking in the alleys of Arnea, in the traditional 19th century mansions. Also visit the Historical Folklore Museum – which is located near the square and is housed in a restored mansion – which Melina Merkouri was described as a “work of art” when it was Minister of Culture and a decision was taken to renovate it.

The inhabitants of the area were the donors of the exhibits and offered with joy to the museum precious and rare objects, family heirlooms, objects of everyday life material.

On the ground floor there is an exhibition of agricultural tools (sowing, harvesting, threshing), equipment and utensils for breadmaking (millstones, wooden kneading troughs, plates, bread stamps, etc.), apiculture (traditional beehives and mud, modern hives, staircases). On the mezzanine there are woodworking tools (an interesting collection of rocks), shoeing tools, coffee makers (a roasting machine, coffee grinder, glasses, pastry dishes, old traditional coffee shops, etc.). On the floor there are sections with textile equipment (looms, sunbathing, spindles, windscreen) and items of everyday household use (kitchen utensils, containers for transport and storage of liquids, pots, cauldrons, braziers, washing troughs, etc.).

To buy: Traditional products such as honey, tsipouro and yogurt are sold in various locations in Arnea. Many are the ones who choose the mountain route of Halkidiki to buy these products, but also traditional woven fabrics.

To eat: If you are hungry, you can enjoy rich dishes at the “Platanos” tavern. If you prefer food in nature, you do not have to go far. About one kilometer outside of Arnea is the Agia Paraskevi grove, where the Bakatsianos Restaurant operates. Made of stone and wood, nestles in the majestic forest of towering oaks, and at any time and anywhere you find it, you will come across a nature that will overwhelm him with its special beauty. Try the forest potato (potatoes in clay, gratinated with cheeses, eggs and trumps of Holomontas), the smoked octopus and the bougainvillea.

From the meat are played the sausages, pork chips – beef and pork cut into the hull.

You will stay: At the “Mitsiou” mansion, where the guesthouse of the Arnaias municipal company operates. Also in the “Alexandros House” where, among other things, excellent food is offered. Specials the olives

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