Castaneri Kilkis: Picking chestnuts …

From the day trips you will be unforgettable.

How to get there: Near Thessaloniki (about 90 km) between the plains of Aridaia and Axioupolis, where the Pella and Kilkis counties meet, is Paiko (1,650 m). Road access is particularly convenient via the Thessaloniki-Evzonon highway (E75 international road, exit from the Polykastro bridge and then along the Axioupolis-Goumenissa-Grivas promenade), while there are no toll stations. You can also go through the provincial road of Chalkidona-Koufalia-Fililiria. A beautiful mountain that hosts the largest chestnut forest in Greece. That of Castaneris. The homonymous village with its stone-built houses and its surrounding is a sprawling forest of chestnuts and beeches that you can easily explore on foot, as there are marked paths leading to beautiful fountains and locations with views.

It is worthwhile to see: It is the only route that leads from Megala Livadia to the village of Archangelos, in the Prefecture of Pella. Then you can reach the village of Koupa and see the blue ponds and little waterfall hidden in one of the most spectacular corners of Paikos.

Pleasant view: Visit the chapel of Prophet Elias where there is a children’s playground, wooden benches to make your picnic, fountains and toilets. The view from this point to the plain of Goumenissa and Thessaloniki is unique.

Stravopotamos: Shortly before the village of Megala Livadia, we will stop at the site of “Strovopotamos Squadron” (video:, at the point where the forest path Pramatari ends, where the river forms elaborate meandrings. It is an idyllic location, with two wooden bridges, benches, a playground and a tap. Note that Stravopotamos with its crystal clear waters and nine wooden bridges, bearing the names of the Nine Muses, is the most striking natural sight of the mountain.

For picnics: There is also a visit to the village of potatoes, which is no other than the Megala Livadia at an altitude of 1200 meters (video: Here you will see the folklore museum of the village (video :, as well as the church of St. Nicholas. Experience a wonderful and different experience by picnicking at the wooden benches at Pente Vrysses Square or one of the other big squares in the village.

“Sweetheart”: This is a chestnut tree bearing the stamp of Danos Daniilidis – Mayas Katididou. Glycomagia is a privately owned part of the wider forest. (video: The visitor has the opportunity to participate in a series of actions. You can walk in the chestnut tree, experience the rare flora and fauna, smell, photograph and fill energy embracing the perennial chestnut trees. Next to the estate you will find the ruins of a French First World War hospital, an element of the history of the forest. You will also learn about the production, harvesting and processing of chestnut. You will taste the Mayan spoon sweets, with classic but mostly unusual recipes. You will taste classic sweet chestnut, chestnut mashed marmalade, orange-chestnut-chocolate jam and plum-apple-chestnut jam.

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