cheese-type snack

Easy and quick recipe for mums who want to offer their children either for breakfast in school or for afternoon a cheese-type snack. A recipe that goes from generation to generation and likes young and old.
Materials (for two pancakes)

1 yoghurt

1 ounce (from yoghurt) olive oil

1 bottle of yoghurt with water and milk in equal quantities (half + half)

1 afternoon

1 dry yeast sachet

1 teaspoon of salt


1/2 feta cheese

3 eggs

1 white

some pepper


1 egg yolk

one tablespoon of milk

In a bowl, empty the flour, add the salt and stir them to unite. Meanwhile, warm the water slightly with milk. Once warm, pour in the yeast sachet and stir well to dissolve the yeast well. Then, after you have made a pit in the bowl with flour and salt, pour in the milk + water + yeast as well as the bowl of oil and yogurt. You knead them all together to unite the materials. Leave the dough on the edge and in a bowl, beat the egg + egg, put a pepper and rub the feta. The mixture is ready.

Then you get the dough and cut small balls. Each of them is opened with a rolling pin and with a glass or a cup you cut the dough and fill it with each pasta with the filling. Suggested design the classic moon pressed on the edge with a small fork. Place them in a baking sheet with greens, soak them with the mixture of milk and egg yolk and cook them at 180 degrees for about half an hour to brown.


Especially accompanied with a yogurt or a small salad with carrot and cabbage.

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