Child, tv, gaming. Parents caution!

Do you know what does 3-6-9-12 mean in relation to child and television? It is the famous rule of the French psychoanalyst-psychiatrist Serge Tisseron, whose children under the age of three are forbidden to watch TV. SergeTisseron, one of the most well-known French psychoanalysts-psychiatrists in his country, having dealt with the study of young people’s relationships with new technologies and the impact of information technology on young people, has developed the rule “3-6-9- 12 ‘. That is:

[eltd_blockquote text = “No TV before 3 years, no console games before 6, no internet 9 years ago, no social media (facebook, twitter ..) before 12″ title_tag = ” h4 “width =” ”

According to S. Tisseron, all research done for young children and television has shown that television is full of violent noises that babies can not understand and which prevent them from learning to gather. As far as the tablet or game console is concerned, the French psychiatrist emphasizes that the child can play with these devices, but it is preferable to use them as family devices. Otherwise their use becomes uncontrollable. Finally, on the subject of internet access, it is clear that from the age of nine onwards Internet access is a right and is not prohibitive, as long as the child knows the rules in advance.

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