With particular importance for Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki International Fair (The first week of September). The International Fair is one of the most historic and important institutions of Thessaloniki. It was organized for the first time in 1926 and is considered today one of the biggest exhibition events in Greece and Southeastern Europe. It includes, among other things, a series of artistic, cultural and musical events. It lasts for one week and it gathers thousands of visitors.


Thessaloniki International Film Festival (every autumn). It is considered the leading film festival in Southeastern Europe. The stage for the presentation of the annual Greek production and the primary and oldest festival in the Balkans for the creations of emerging filmmakers from all over the world.

Documentary Festival (in spring). It is continuously inspired and enriched with new elements and images by the new century, new directors and new visions using the latest technology. Many new creators and directors trust it nowadays as one of the most reliable and appropriate institutions and organizations for the promotion of their work.


Dimitria (September- October). The history of “Dimitria” takes us back to the Byzantine Thessaloniki of the 12th century AD. The love of the Thessalonians for their patron saint Agios Dimitrios, led them to the establishment of a celebration in his honor. During the first years, the celebration had mainly a religious and commercial character. However through the years “Dimitria” evolved in one of the most important cultural institutions of the country.




Hip Hop Festival (every winter). One of the biggest and most important Hip Hop festivals in Greece. It has hosted many well-known Hip-Hop artists like RA The Rugged Man (USA), Dope D.O.D (NL), DJ Vadim & Yarah Bravo (UK), Afu-Ra (USA), Lowkey (UK), Foreign Beggars (UK), Snowgoons Soundsystem (DE), Freestyle (The Arsonists), Lerroy of the Saian Supa Crew (France), Wax Tailor (France), DJ Flip (ITF world), Zion I (USA), Zontanoi Nekroi , FF.C, Razastarr, Eisvoleas,  Voreia Asteria, Ladose, Apexeis, Phase 3, Orthologistes, Psychodrama07, RNS, Sifu VERSUS, Sugahspank!, Professional Sinnerz, Rodes and many others.

Even though originally it was exclusively focused on Hip Hop music, it has nowadays evolved into an expression and presentation of the Hip Hop culture generally including workshops, music battles, dancing and photography events as well as discussion groups.  It offers above all the opportunity to anyone to meet and talk to all the guest artists some of whom enjoy international acceptance and recognition.

“Let’s Dance Bellydance Festival” (every August). The International Festival of Oriental Culture and Art “Let’s Dance Bellydance Festival” is held every year in Thessaloniki. The purpose of the Festival is to further promote the Culture and Arts of Middle Eastern countries (Arabic, Turkish, Indian) and beyond. The events last three days during which dancing events and dance lessons are conducted by internationally recognized artists, as well as many dance performances, competitions and a small bazaar with various accessories.




PIC-NIC urban festival (End of August to early September). It takes place in the Roman Forum-Agora in the center of the city and lasts for three days. During the festival many groups participate in live performances while there is also screening of various movies. The purpose of this event is to invite both the city residents and the visitors to have a pic-nic, listen to music and watch various films inside one of the most important archeological sites of the city.



Balkan Fest (Every March). The Balkan Exploration Festival is a celebration of the cultures of the Southeastern Europe countries.

International Marathon “Alexander the Great” (in April). It is the second biggest sports event in Greece after the classic marathon in Athens. Thousands of athletes participate every year in the marathon while several parallel cultural and sports events take place. The distance that the marathon must cover is 40km! The route starts from Pella and finishes in Thessaloniki, in the center of the city, at the statue of Alexander the Great.


Open House (every November). It has evolved into one of the most important international institutions aiming that wants to highlight and promote architecture in different parts of the world. The idea is simple. For one weekend many public and private buildings open their doors to the public for free, turning the whole city into a big museum open to everyone! Wanting to highlight the importance of architecture and how it affects our everyday life, Open House offers free tours with an architectural character to all the buildings that participate in the event, organized by well informed volunteers.

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