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Students need to be very careful from now on with their absences at school because the Education Ministry and the Myschool Information System have designed a special “platform” through which parents will be notified electronically about absences of their canaries. It should be noted that this function is optional, which can be utilized by school managers in the country, who are solely responsible for collecting the electronic contact addresses of their pupils’ guardians, of course, of their consensus. According to the Ministry of Education, a considerable amount of money spent by the public on sending letters to parents by post, for stationery, postage and, of course, saving a number of teachers’ hours of work for the whole process.

The circular of the Ministry of Education on absences states:

Regular monitoring of student attendance is the responsibility of their guardians. The guardian of any pupil absent from school is required to notify the school of the reasons for the absence directly by one of the means of communication he / she has stated at the school when the pupil enrols. The disclosure of the reason for absences shall be accompanied by the necessary supporting documents only if the calculation is not taken into account when the results of the study have been issued in accordance with Article 24.

The supervisor of each department must inform the guardians about the absence of the pupils and be informed of the reasons for their absence by any appropriate means, such as by telephone, by sending a message from a school account to the e-mail – if the parents / guardians have submitted a responsible affirmation to their school indicating their e-mail address – or the parent / guardian’s mobile phone (SMS), or by letter.

If contact with parents / guardians is not feasible or if parents / guardians refuse communication or if for any other reason it is necessary, the Board of the Department is called upon to examine the need to use pedagogical actions such as, but not limited to, in supportive educational structures or social services.

If a student is absent for three consecutive days or 30 absences, the teacher in charge of the department communicates directly with the pupil’s parents / guardians (by e-mail, SMS or in a letter), learns the reason for absences and informs the school head. After the parent / guardian’s first briefing, the trainee informs them of the first five (5) working days of each month, if there is a change in the total number of absences.

When absences are made in hours of the daily program (including the first or last hour), single or continuous, without the permission of the school head, the reasons are sought and pedagogical actions are deemed necessary.

Absentees of pupils are summed up and taken into account in classifying pupils’ attendance.

Where this Article refers to a student’s guardian, the natural person defined in Article 13 is intended for pupils who have not reached the age of 18. Students who have reached the age of 18 are personally fulfilling their obligation to state their absence.

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