For fanatical PAOK fans

The Thessaloniki Free Theater artistic team, in collaboration with the TFS World Event Organization and with the support of PAOK Club, will bring to the Colosseum Theater on 2 and 3 March the performance “Aetos 90s” addressed to children aged 6-14 in families and is based on the 90th anniversary of the establishment of PAOK.

The project concerns a family declaring PAOK, each member of which has lost parts of himself. It somehow ceased to be what PAOK represents: Pride – Resistance – Dream – Obtain.

The grandfather, aged 90, born with PAOK, undertakes to awaken them. Rebuild the family proud, like the eagle. As he says in his work:

“I grew up and I was tired of the lies I was tired, I did not see you see. But I was tired to see them all one – to lose themselves. By the time I realized that my family had ceased to be PAOK. My bride had left her pride. She left the dance that made her feel good about herself and she did all the work. My grandson could not resist.

They faced him as a victim and had learned to live as a victim. My little one had lost the courage to dream. Rather, live his dream. In children often a chat is coming to see. If you dream of painting and telling you a couple of times that paintings are nonsense … the dream goes. And my last of my yokes. Classical. A Life Words. A life of excuses and running behind others. Nowhere is the nobility of conquest. Have a few, but yours. From your hands worked. PAOK, this was missing from our home. ”

It drives them, therefore, into a journey in moments of PAOK’s history and many unpredictable situations. The aim of the grandfather is to have his goal reached his birthday. Is it enough time 6 days to change the climate in a family? The performance refers to the values of PAOK and the power of the family, it carries messages against school bullying and of course many laughter.

It is also a truly interactive performance, as small and large viewers will be invited in a special way to participate and become part of the history of their favorite group, to keep chilies in the Fountain, to live the Toumba building, paint their faces for a black-and-white trip, paint and make a stand just as they can, but also help the grandfather in his design.

Ticket price: 10 € regular, 8 € reduced, 30 € family (parents & 2 children)

Credits of the show

Text: Zacharias Spanos, Yiannis Malezas

Directed by: Zacharias Spanos, Maria Laftsidou

Sets – Costumes: Magdalen Siga

The actors play: Valantos Garganis, Christos Goutsidis Dimitris Dagalis, Dimitris Xenides, Chrysa Ioannidou, Ioanna Sidiropoulou, Lefteris Peitzikas

Their voices are offered by: Kostis Tsatsaros, Christos Ragatsis

The actions in public support: Kornilia Prokopiou, Alexandra Kassioumi

Sound coverage: Vassilis Eliades

Lighting Design: Nikos Tsoleridis

Videos: Eleni Chrysomalli

Contact Person: TFS World

Production Organization: Free Theater of Thessaloniki

Colosseum Theater (150 Vasilissis Olgas Boulevard): Performances: March 2-3, Time: 17.30, Information / Booking: 6981875827

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