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The buses of OASTH (urban transport organization) serve daily the passengers of Thessaloniki transferring them from one side of the city to the other. Altogether, there are 73 routes that cover several areas within the city and its outskirts as well. The ticket costs 1 euro. Children up to six years don’t pay a ticket. For school students and university students, for families with many children, senior citizens over 65 years old, persons with more than 67% disability there is a discounted ticket that costs 0.50 euro. The unemployed do not pay a ticket as long as they have with them during a ticket inspection/control their identity card and a valid unemployment card (or certification) from OAED (Manpower Employment Organization).

0.50, 1 and 2-euro tickets are also issued within the bus by automated machines.

Through your mobile you can access the webpage of OASTH and get information on the various bus routes.


They have a route meter that calculates the charge (minimum charge 3.50 euro), while the driver is obliged to turn it on for every new leasing. From 05.00-24.00 tariff 1 is applied and from 24.00-05.00 tariff 2 is applied. Every taxi is supplied with the current tariff that shows the prices according to which the fare is formed, as well as the extra charges that are not included in the taximeter.

Radiotaxi:  Taxiway (Tel.18300), Mercedes (Tel. 18180), Macedonia (Tel. 18288)

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