Hatzis: Oriental syrup sweets

Of the oldest and most famous confectionery, “Hatzis” has been in Thessaloniki since 1908.

Tender crust leaves or fluffy dough are filled with selected nuts, cream or vanilla and are poured with rich syrup. The result; Delicious baklava (try it with whipped cream), light galactoboureco with cinnamon flavor, elegant cocktails, revans but also treats like dads, boulevards with buffalo kayaki and curourbins. You will naturally find “sympathetically” politely syrup, such as charlet, palm, sherry, saaml, pickle lettuce and pepper cake.

Mini vocabulary of syrups

Kazan-dzhibi (a rice and milk juice made from rice. It is served with flowering water).

Seker – served (syrupy polish of semolina and almond).

Bourmassa – cataifi (a twisted popi politiko stuffed with pistachios and fresh butter).

Taouk Yukus (a rice bran, a chicken breast, milk and chicken breast).

Politika syropiasta (known varieties Gelin Bochtsa, Subigie princesses, Syrups from handmade leaves with fresh butter, baked buffalo and nuts).

Vezir Parmak (syrup with a cream filling).

Vezir Parma Chocolate (syrupy politiko with chestnut filling and chocolate leaf).

Cinéfecé cataifi (sliced ​​catatifi politiko, stuffed with nut stuffing).

Chunoum Bourek (stuffed with cream, fresh butter and handmade leaf)

Calvados Halva (traditional tahini and walnut halva).

Asure (wheat, raisins and walnuts).

Malemi (Polished cream of rice and milk slurry, baked until masticated, served with rose syrup).

Website: http://chatzis.gr/

Addresses: Venizelou 50, Center, tel. 2310-279058, Them. Sofouli 73 & Argonafton corner, Kalamaria, tel. 2310-417808, Mitropoleos 24, Center, tel. 2310-221655

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