IKEA: Recalls sweets

Sparkling candies in a 100 gram package, named Godis Pskkyckling, prevent IKEA from being prevented from breaching safety and hygiene standards at the plant. “Food safety remains the top priority for IKEA and we want our consumers to know that certain lots of sparkling GODIS PASKKYCKLING sweets may have been affected,” he said in a statement. The company in the same announcement states that “during the production phase of the GODIS PASKKYCKLING sparkling candy, it is likely that the batches with dates of exhaustion would have been infected preferably from 23 October 2018 to 26 January 2019 from the presence of rodents at the place of production”.

IKEA asks consumers to return the product to the nearest store in order to refund the purchase amount. Proof of proof is not necessary. It should be noted that two pieces of this kind have been sold in Greece and EFET has been informed accordingly.

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