Jazz for kids!

A different musical-theater performance, with a strong element of jazz, hosts the Colosseum on Saturday March 31st. Jazz for kids: The story of a rhythm is a unique show for children that comes to sensitize and entertain our little friends through Jazz’s well-known sounds by bringing them in touch with its history and its evolution to this day. This is a fairy tale by Dimitris Lenzzos, in which “Song” in the history of Jazz and its people meets “Hara” and “Lypia”. It changes rhythm and style, affects and is influenced by feelings, trying to “paint” with their own colors. All the story evolves through the sounds and the rhythm of Jazz music. Note that the present gives live orchestra and dance group.


Texts: Dimitris Lentzos

Directed by: Panagiotis Spiliopoulos

Actors / Dancers: Eleni Ngaga, Tina Sklavounou, Eleni Rapti (KRAMA BEND), Ioanna Flemotomou, Zahlin Palamari, Anna Kliafa, Anastasia Margua, Ara Bossijan

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