Ladadika= entertainment

An area of the city that is mentioned in many songs. We will meet Ladadika following Tsimiski Avenue at the height of Plateia Eleftherias, right next to the Port.


A beautiful, historic area specially shaped only for pedestrians, a favorite destination, for both locals and visitors as well as for the unique student community of the city.



Ladadika is one of the hottest spots of the city in terms of entertainment! The colorful historic and neoclassic buildings radiate the spirit and the character of old Thessaloniki, while they are only within a five-minute distance from Aristotelous square for those who prefer walking. It is essentially a mixture of the old and the new, a combination of the tradition with the present.


The history of the area

The neighborhood “Ladadika” was named after the shops that existed in the area many years ago and were selling food, oil and various oil products. The whole area was used as a central market and bazaar during the Ottoman rule and earlier. It was also known as “the Egyptian Market”.


It hosted many shops and merchants with numerous products, however after the destructive fire of 1917 it gradually declined. As a result after a few decades only the shops that were supplying oil had remained. Until the mid-1070s, the area was almost entirely abandoned, when in 1985 they were listed as a heritage site forbidding thus its further reconstruction in order to preserve its unique architectural heritage and its character. Soon after Ladadika came back to life, when a lot of small taverns, bars and restaurants opened occupying the once abandoned buildings that in their majority have nowdays been wonderfully restored and preserved.




Until the morning

The night is long in Ladadika and fun lasts until the morning. Café bars, coffee shops, taverns, pubs and various clubs coexist in close distance to each other. The colors, sounds, tastes and generally the entire experience will fascinate you while at the same time you will understand what fun means for the city of Thessaloniki.

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