Leonidas: The famous pralines

Who does not know the Leonidas pralines? The well-known chocolates that dominate the preferences – years now – of the Thessaloniki and not only. In the heart of Thessaloniki, in a modern, simple and elegant area you will find a huge variety of pralines and of course – and since then “surname” – common. Inspiration, creativity and very good technique are the features that distinguish “Leonidas” sweets. The whole preparation is based on natural products based on pure chocolate, fresh butter and filling of various combinations of fresh cream, roasted almonds, fruit extract, liqueurs, rum, etc.

There are over 80 varieties, all different in taste. Worth to try: Health Chocolate: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter. Milk chocolate: sugar, powdered milk, cocoa mass, cocoa butter. White chocolate: sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, soy lecithins, natural vanilla. Almonds: sugars (sucrose lactose), almonds, glucose syrup, fresh butter, cream, chocolate, coffee. Please note that the Leonidas chocolate factory was founded in Brussels at the beginning of this century. The whole business is Belgian with Greek owners and stores around the world are over 2,000.

Website: http://leonidas-chocolates.gr/

Facebook: Leonidas Pralines Thessaloniki

Address: 72 Mitropoleos Street, tel. 231 026 0406

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