Marianna vineyards

The famous vine leaves, the unique jams and the extra sweets of the spoon.

Marianna Kazakis began in 1990 to maintain the pasteurized leaves of her father-in-law vines for family use. Their quality was such that today the facilities where the famous Vineyards of Marianna are packed and marketed, together with a whole range of products such as vineyards, jam and compost grapes and sweet grapes, pezyme, have reached 2,000 square meters . From the products that are ripped are the ready-to-cook marjoramas of Marianna, as well as the pies made on behalf of the company by the women’s cooperative of Nea Gonia “The Goniates”. All products produced from the Kazakos vineyards are organic and handmade, while they are already exported to several overseas markets. Kazakis Estate is open all year round, and since 2012 it has been declared an official Training Center of the Gastronomy University of Italy in Bra. Products: vine leaves, cloves, pies, pezyme, vinegrowth, eggplant.


ADDRESS: 1st km Nea Gonia-Nea Kallikratia street, Chalkidiki, Nea Gonia (Chalkidiki)

TELEPHONE: 23990 204 50

FAX: 23990 204 51



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