Mister Kariokas

If you are a karaoke fanatic and you have not yet tried Kareki Chatzifotiou you do not know what you are missing.

For seven decades, the name Hadjifotiou is interwoven with karioka.

“This great success came because our pastry shop at the beginning brought the Thessalonians for the first time in contact with the karyokas,” explains Mr. George Hadjifotiou and adds: “As a sole product the secret is the pure materials and the stable and non-negotiable quality over the years leading up to tradition. Traditional recipes are kept and respected with dedication. ”

With regard to this candy, let’s note that it is a combination of grated sponge cake, walnut syrup and couverture chocolate coating. Apart from the kari, Hatzifotiou is also known for a number of other sweets, such as cigarillos, anomalies, nuggets, classic buttercups, and white chocolate cake.

Website: http://www.hatzifotiou.gr

Addresses: Center, Pavlou Mela 37, tel. 2310 232 166,

Tel. 2310 452 002, Panorama, Komninon 3, tel. 2310 340 140, Mediteranean Cosmos, tel. 2310 472 062.

Delivery: tel. 2310 232 166

Chalkidiki: 24th km of Thessaloniki – N. Moudania, tel. 23920 91112

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