Nutritional errors and child

Article of dietician

I. Bonnie

Most parents know that nutrition in childhood is an important factor in the proper and complete development of their child. At each stage of their development, the body, and in particular the brain, organs and bone mass, needs specific energy needs and many nutrients. It is now known that the wrong diet is related to obesity, low iron levels and growth retardation. The role of parents in children’s nutritional education is particularly important as it can affect children’s eating habits and as adults. Let’s look at what are the most common mistakes parents make in their children’s diet:

1. They play children from the kitchen.

Studies have shown that children’s participation in food preparation is an important step to try new tastes. A study done at Columbia University found that children who participated in the cooking process at least tasted the food.

2. Diet in front of their children.

Studies have shown that parents trying to lose weight should be especially careful with diet in front of children because their perception of eating and eating can be affected.

3. They hide forbidden foods where they do not reach children.

When a parent bans a food, the child wants to eat it even more and if he can not eat it in the house, he is likely to eat it secretly or in a larger quantity outside the home.

4. They push their children to eat all their dishes.

Healthy children eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. Children have their own instincts about how much they will eat and the parents should not push them beyond their saturation.

5. Keep on the TV or on the computer.

Research has shown that children watching TV during lunch tend to over-eat.

6. Give sweet to reward when they eat something healthy

Rewarding with sweets results in the child believing that healthy eating is an obligation and connects sweets with pleasure.

7. Eat the food they eat outside the house

Strict control over choices and the amount of food outside the home may have unwanted effects such as over-consumption of food and the choice of unhealthy food.

8. They are too hyped and healthy eating

Excessive debate around nutrition has the effect of creating remorse for the child whenever he consumes something unhealthy, and this in turn will result in eating secretly from his parents.

9. Do not take care of their own diet

It is customary for parents to be committed to caring for their children and forgot to take care of themselves. Children mimic their parents at all and the wrong eating habits of the parents are likely to be followed by children.

10. Make the children’s dishes look dull.

It is very important for the child to see colors in the food because it creates a pleasant mood. Parents need to become more creative and make meals more fun. Parents should realize that nutrition plays an important role in the development of the child and it is their responsibility to provide a balanced nutrition rich in nutrients and the responsibility of the child for how much to eat.
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