Nymfaio: The village of the brown bear

One of the most popular winter resorts is Nimfeo of Florina

It is located: On the slopes of Mount Vitsi and at an altitude of 1350m 160 km from Thessaloniki (about 2 hours).

It is worth seeing: The village adorns magnificent stone mansions (Boutari, Misiou, Mertzou, Tsirli, Papadopoulos etc.) and architectural jewels such as the church of Agios Nikolaos, the Nikeos School, which hosts the conference and educational center of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Museum of Silver and Silver, Folklore and History, which is housed in the House of Chrysikis of Nevsek (formerly the village’s name).

Arktouros: Nymfaio operates the environmental center of Arktoura, whose actions are related to the care and accommodation of wildlife species, mainly captive bears and wolves, seized by their illicit owners. Until January you can also visit Arktoura’s bear shelter. If you are lucky and have not fallen into a mine (early January), you might see some of the former bears surviving dancers. Alternatively, get off at Agrapidia, where the wolf shelter and the breeding center of the Greek Shepherd are operating.

Activities: The area offers a variety of activities such as climbing, 4×4 rides, cycling (towards Drosopigi and the town of Florina) and hiking. Follow the route from the parking lot of the village to the chapel of Prophet Elias (duration 50) and from the village square to Drosopigi (10 km long, 4 hours long) and admire nature in all its splendor!

Horseback riding is a wonderful choice as the Nymphaean Community maintains 14 wonderful Alpine taverns, ready to offer the thrill of experience: cross a forest on a horse’s back, listening to its rhythmic steps to crumble the dry leaves or twitch in the fresh snow.

To eat: In the Thomas Tavern at Sklithro.

Buying: The locals make amazing lemon pies that you will find on the local market

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