“Red Skull” is an innovative idea that we have not met in Greece again. The movable bench of the donut promises passers-by the ultimate lucky-experience, and does it! After you come to him in front of him, he “drives you from the nose” literally!

Handmade hazelnut praline and vanilla praline, handmade caramel cream, crispy handmade vanilla cookie or health cookie, apricot nut, cinnamon, inocard and natural honey of flowers and pines of small production … Smells and flavors, in a call of intense sensation, ending in a huge smile of delicious enjoyment. There … at the beach of Thessaloniki !!!

Konstantinos Liapis (creator of the “Red Scoop”)

“Since I remember myself, I was in a pastry shop. My games were … the confectionery bags, the couverture boxes. The benches of my parents’ lab turned into a unique hiding place for my endless sweet dreams.

Hidden from my father I went and mixed the creams and chocolates and of course I tried them with my little finger. I was once in the middle of a syrup cauldron. ”

Life you … chocolate!

“If you tell me that blood is flowing in my veins I can convince him that he can only find chocolate, honey, syrup … It was inevitable.

I studied the art of confectionery and bakery. It was not enough for me. I went abroad and studied chocolate making on its molecular basis. I was fortunate to have a teacher Steve Brown created by Nutella, Ferrero Roce, Mars, Twix. Big school ….

A few years later I’m studying marketing, which is my other great love.

In my 30s, I’m looking for “bridges” to combine my studies and then comes “Red Scoop”. I discover a vacuum in the donuts market and I decide to go about making handmade donuts, having in my closet the traditional dad’s recipe since 1970.

From 2013 I’m trying to make the life of the world sweeter.

Why … if Red Skull is an idea of ​​a man, its realization was not possible without a team, with skills and vision.

Our aim, every handful of donuts, turns into another little happiness! ”

The team of “Red Scoop” with its characteristic bike awaits you in the White Tower (open from March to December), at 693 273 2404



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