Opening Hours

With the exception of department stores and large chains that run daily (9am to 9pm and 9am to 6pm), other stores serve the public from 9am to 2am and from 5 in the afternoon to 9 in the evening (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). Monday, Wednesday and Saturday the shops are open until 2:30 pm only. Marked at the Mediterranean Cosmos, One Salonica and Mega Outlet shopping centers, the opening hours are 10 am and 9 pm on a weekday basis and 10 am on a Saturday night at 8 pm.

In order to shop in the center of Thessaloniki, you can walk to the most commercial street of the city, Tsimiski, on the two parallel streets Egnatia, Ermou, Pavlou Mela (to the north) and Metropolis and Proxenou Koromila (from the south- to the beach) as well as to the vertical streets, Karolou Detel, Komninon, Venizelou, Ionos Dragoumis and Grigoriou Palamas.

For those who are still interested in purchasing fruit and vegetables, Vasileos Heraklion Street as well as the market in Kapani will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Also, two commercial neighborhoods of a different era are the Halkeon Market, where you will see the few remaining baccarats and a little bit more to the west of the Bazaar of Pazar with its antique shops and antique shops.

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