Parthenon: Seeking the magic of nature

Those who are looking for the magic of nature and want to spend a few hours carefree with your family the traditional settlement of the Parthenon is what you ask for.

HOW TO GO: By car from Thessaloniki and about 142 km away, it is situated on the slopes of Mount Itamos at 350 meters altitude, about 5 kilometers from N. Marmaras, Halkidiki.

LOCATION: A location endowed with lush nature, is an ideal place for a quiet and economic holiday. on the slopes of Mount Itamos at 350 meters altitude, about 5 kilometers from N. Marmaras.

WHAT TO SEE: The village has one of the most beautiful churches in northern Greece. It is St. Stephen’s, with a multicolored iconostasis dominating and images of holy openings within, with a ceiling that points to other cultures.

Within a day you can visit many beauties of the surrounding area, making it easy if you wish around Sithonia. Visit Neos Marmaras, with more tourism and nightlife (during the summer always), as well as the Porto Carras coastal resort, a 18,000 acre estate with imposing hotels, golf, playgrounds and horse riding.

Every July in the Parthenon dominates the feast of Saint Panteleimon, which is a pole of attraction for all Halkidiki.

I WILL LEAVE: At the Parthenon hostel. It is a traditional building with a nice garden. It started its operations earlier than Mrs. Vangelio, but now her son and his wife continue, who have been working for 25 years at the Greek restaurant “Medusa” in Berlin.

FOR EAT: As far as your diet is concerned, there are two options: The Mansion’s haven, with unobstructed sea views. The menu includes roast beefsteaks, rustic sausage, eggplant stuffed with feta cheese and tomato, fresh fried potatoes, rustic salad, etc.

Parthenon Tavern (Paul). And it has an incredible view of the sea. In the evenings there are also spits. Tasty potato salad, rustic salad, fried peppers, veal steak, lamb chops and charcoal soups. It runs from May to September. Tel. 2375071349.

If you want and you are a seafood lover, “Porto Koufo” and the taverns there are waiting for you.

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