“Princess Athena” by Stella Kasdagli



Η συγγραφέας, Στέλλα Κάσδαγλη.

The second book of the series “Princess Athena” is published by the Patakis publications with the signature of Stella Kasdagli. A courageous series that reminds us that a true princess does not rest in her dresses and frogs. The new series Princess Athena by Stella Kassagli, with the illustration of Tomek Giovanni, challenges the omnipotence of stereotypes and encourages the 7-year-old ladies to express themselves, to wonder, to be inventive and creative.

In this series, and this is different from the rest, the more important is not what you can get, but what you can offer. It’s not what you choose to wear, but what do you choose to do.

The author, Stella Kasdagli.
What does the author want to tell her little readers but also their mums?

“That in life it is worth to be bold and useful. That beauty and fun are only two of the many important things to appreciate: friendship, courtesy, intelligence, cooperation, adventure, surprise, persistence, effort, conflict, love real love), self-knowledge is also important – as long as we recognize them as such, to ourselves and to others. ”

In the first book of the series entitled “What Do Princesses Do All Day?”, Which was released in October 2017, Princess Athena has one question. A very serious question: How do the princesses go about the day? So he decides to travel in time with a fake machine. There he will find the answers he asks: combing their hair, going to dances, kissing in frogs or crackling for what is most beautiful. What boring! She wants to make houses, books and machines, like so many women who have really lived. And he will do it! She will also be able to meet three great ladies, Amelia Earhart – the first woman who managed to fly alone over the great Atlantic Ocean -, Louise Meu Alcott – who wrote her first book when she was only seventeen – and her Marie Delay – the first black woman to take a Ph.D. in chemistry.

In the second book of the series, entitled Oops, I’m no longer beautiful, which has just been released, reminds us that a true princess is a lot more stuff than her exterior appearance. Princess Athena wants to hear from everyone that she is beautiful. One day, trying to impress everyone, she gets on her face a sign that feels she is spoiling all her beauty. And now; How will she take pictures of herself? Will they love it as before? Are there ugly princesses? Have friends? Can they be happy and do great things? In order to discover the answers, Athena must first find the solution to an unsolved mystery!

Who is Who

Stella Kasdagli studied French Literature in Athens and Media Theory in London and worked for several years as editor of the magazine Cosmopolitan, collaborating in parallel with other Greek and English printed publications and sites. Today, she works as a translator of foreign literature, writes about things that should be discussed more often, and uses speech as a tool for empowering women and adolescents. She is a co-founder of the Women On Top and Mentorkids network and online Bookworm Reading Club. It delivers blogging, social media and professional development seminars to adolescents and adults and the books of Killitsa.com and I just wanted to fit (along with the whole series of Princess Athena), are released by Pataki Publications. She has two daughters and she grows up with them in Athens.

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