Renovation of school yards

The qualitative upgrading of the space of two schools in Thessaloniki was decided only recently by the municipal council of the municipality of Thessaloniki. This is the 27th Elementary School, located at Kaisarias 15 in the 4th Municipal Community and at the 2nd Gymnasium – 31st GEL at 79 Anximandrou Str., In the 5th Community and incorporates elements of environmental and bioclimatic design of outdoor spaces.

The main objectives set during the design of the studies are:

-the creation of favorable climatic conditions through the proper siting of key activities, shading methods, enrichment of plantings and the correct choice of coating materials; and

-the aesthetic and functional upgrading of the lumens by ensuring a uniform and recognizable style

In the courtyard of the 27th Primary School, sports facilities will be created, including a basketball court and a mini-football field, which will be separated from each other by the tree and benches. Regarding green, existing trees are preserved and new plantings are planned, while new lighting fixtures are planned. In the courtyard of the 2nd Gymnasium – 31st GEL, the accesses are redesigned in order to make them safe and functional, while there is a concern for the movement of people with disabilities. The entrance of the AM. will be made of a specially designed ramp that will lead directly to the ground floor of the high school and high school. As far as the functions are concerned, the basketball court is located in front of the indoor gym and stands are created with views of the field, while the upper courtyard features a volleyball court and another sitting area. The first project is a budget of 500,000 euros and the second one 740,000 euros, respectively. The projects are included in the Technical Program of the Municipality of Thessaloniki for 2018 and will be implemented through an open award procedure, in accordance with the provisions in force.

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