Sunday at the Museum

Sundays are days devoted to family, relaxation and entertainment. The Children’s Museum of Thessaloniki keeps all the above parameters inviting parents and children to a pleasant Sunday morning. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 will be able to attend the Sunday mornings in March to attend two hours of educational and entertainment programs at the museum. It is noteworthy that the variety of themes and the adaptability of these programs are relevant to the age category to which they are addressed. This means that every Sunday children 4-12 years will come into contact with different programs taking stimuli taken from art, poetry, theater, physics, technology, sports, history, nature etc.

Sunday programs are implemented in the museum area at a cost of € 3 for each child who will participate in them. Finally, the museum’s assets also include educational and creative workshops that are regularly implemented at the Mediterranean Cosmos Shopping Center. These workshops provide the opportunity to creatively employ children with various educational actions and constructions.

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