Taxiarchis: Mountain treasure

One of the most beautiful locations in mountainous Halkidiki is that of Taxiarchis. The joy of Christmas is cultivated here, as all families are engaged in the cultivation of fir trees in this beautiful Holomont Mountain.

Stop for skewers: We follow the road of Thessaloniki – Polygyros. We have a first stop in the village of Agios Prodromos in order to taste the delicious souvlaki in one of its 17 taverns. Then we will see on our way signs that lead to Taxiarchis. The route is incredible beauty. Through the shadow of the oak trees, Athos and Toronaios bay

Launched Stone: A few miles before Taxiarchis, you will see the “Deserted Stone”. It’s a peculiar cluster of stones and massive rocks that seem to have fallen from the sky. That is why the locals named it so. In this location, the homonym hostel has been created that combines accommodation with great food. In the surrounding area with the lawn there is a playground, basketball, football and archery fields.


Trademark: At the entrance of the village you will see the Sipourea fountain. Quickly try your famous crystal water.

Walks: We strongly recommend strolling around the picturesque old stone houses, which are examples of traditional Macedonian architecture. And when you are hungry, look for the taverns with the famous meats of the area.

Agios Panteleimonas: Visit the chapel of Agios Panteleimonas, located a few kilometers outside Taxiarchis. The location is incredible beauty, tranquility and coolness. And in the shady courtyard under the trees, next to the spring, you will find a simple tavern, with plastic – unfortunately – tables but with delicious food. Remember: roasted mushrooms, sausages, wild boar, bouillon

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