The AMKA of the students!

After the introduction of the two-year compulsory pre-school education that will start gradually from the new school year, the leadership of the Ministry of Education has decided to establish the Uniform Number of Education which will follow the pupil from the Kindergarten to the end of his education. And for those who are wondering what the Single Education Number is, the answer is this: It is a number that is issued under the Social Security Registry Number, it is unchanged for every individual and is maintained after the completion of studies. The Uniform Number of Education is attributed to the person’s first entry at any level of national, public or private education. The Single Education Number corresponds to a relevant personalized registration of the relevant information system of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.

The Uniform Training Number replaces the set of pupil and student enrollment numbers attributed until the entry into force of this document and holds a registry number, regardless of the level of education. By decision of the Minister of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, the other elements, the training of each person, registered in their individual registration, their registration procedure, the procedure of granting the Single Education Number, the way of its performance in case for whatever reason, the person does not own a Social Security Number, the start-up time of the information system, the responsible administrator of the information system, the method of application c implementation, the competent departments access to information system and all other relevant details.

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