The “Goniates” create

Just a short distance from Thessaloniki, in Chalkidiki, is the village of N. Gonia. The visitor to the main square of the village will meet a neoclassical house where a group of women “the Goniatisses” turned it into a workshop. The new generation can watch the kneading of the bread and participate actively in making it (to make each pupil his own bread) and of course taste it after having been baked in the traditional wood-burning oven of the laboratory. Students also have the opportunity to visit the 300-year-old windmill (village emblem). The workshop can visit Associations, KAPI. , private parties after an appointment. Also, the visitor – given that there is also a shop inside the house – can buy pies in various flavors, spoon sweets, liqueurs, jams, trachana and olives.

Nea Gonia, Chalkidiki

tel: 23990-22996 and 6974520058



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