The statue of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great riding his horse with a sword in his right hand gazing at Thermaikos. This is the picture that a visitor sees, starting his walk from the New Seaside (Nea Paralia).

It is a statue-symbol for Thessaloniki. The great military leader riding his loyal horse Bucephalas that accompanied him for more than 20 years, found its place there in 1973.


The statue of the mounted Alexander the Great bears the signature of the sculptor Evangelos Moustakas. It was cast in “Renzo Michelucci” workshop in Pistoia, Italy and the money for its construction was gathered after fundraisings carried out by various committees of the city.


It was inaugurated in 1974, it is 6 meters high and weighs 4 tons. It is placed in a 5-meter high pedestal and it is clad with dark marble from Veria.


The bronze relief in the west side portrays the Battle of Issus, where Darius III, the King of the Persians, was defeated.  The shields and the sarissas are a symbolism and a reference to the soldiers of Alexander that participated in his campaign.


The statue is located between fountains and trees, in one of the most beautiful places of the New Seaside (Nea Paralia). A place that is an ideal choice for a walk and is very close to the White Tower.

Right across the statue there is a big park where you can walk under the shadow of trees, the children can enjoy a “trip” with the park’s small train and the parents can enjoy their coffee, drink or food in one of the park’s dining areas.


Note that the starting point of the cultural bus that will give you a tour around the sites of Thessaloniki is nearby.



Statue of Alexander the Great

New Seaside (Nea Paralia)

White Tower


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