The top galaktoboureko

You forgot that you have tried so far. Visit the shop of Socrates Galifianakis in the center of Thessaloniki and taste the galaktoboureko!

In this shop the simple daily tastes become small works of art. You will feel it as soon as you try the first galactobuvore. The combination of sweet and sexy natural aroma, in such a crisp and fluffy version, makes Galiphianakis’ galaktoboureko superior.

As for the recipe of this success, it has to do with a peculiar recipe based on the collaboration of a Byzantine and a pastry.

Mr. Galifianakis, a former Aviation officer, entered the confectionery accidentally, but he managed with perseverance and patience to create a large chain of stores all over Greece offering real good tastes.

Except for the galaktoboureko, it is excellent as it is his baklava. It is all flavor and aroma. And so is a series of syrups that they like very much to consumers.


Address: Konstantinou Palaiologou 3, tel. 231 027 3933

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