Thessaloniki today

Thessaloniki I love you!

Thessaloniki is known as the Bride of Thermaikos but also as the city of Agios Dimitrios.

Thessaloniki is the historic center and the New Seaside, the White Tower, Aristotelous square and Ladadika. However part of Thessaloniki are also the neighborhoods of Neapoli, Menemeni and Efkarpia as well. The historic Toumpa and Kalamaria built by refugees from Asia Minor. Thessaloniki is also its people who are distinguished for their courtesy, hospitality and hard work.

We were born here, we grew up here and we also fell in love here.

Besides its wonderful natural landscapes, the amazing restaurants and the beautiful walks (since moving around on foot is very typical), it also offers great opportunities for family entertainment.


An important center of the ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine culture, Thessaloniki has a list of monuments from the entire spectrum of history.

In every historic period Thessaloniki had a cosmopolitan character and was an economically strong city. The Byzantine era was the period with the greatest prosperity. Merchants from all over Greece and other countries as well (like Serbia and Bulgaria) were gathered in Thessaloniki giving her rich commercial and cultural activity. At the same time, however, along the material prosperity the city was also characterized by an important intellectual movement of philosophers, rhetors and scholars, similar to that of Constantinople.


In the center of the city Aristotelous square with its crowded coffee shops, the most commercial streets Tsimiski, Mitropoleos and Proxenou Koromila with their shiny windows, the bustling Modiano market, Kapani market and Louloudadika with colors and smells dominating all around them.  On one hand in Navarinou square young people meeting next to the ancient ruins and on the other hand Nikis Avenue- from the port to the White Tower and the Concert Hall-, with the sun diving into Thermaikos, is the perfect scenery for a walk next to the sea. Equally beautiful is the north side of the city: Egnatia street with its antique shops and the little taverns at Bit Bazaar leads us in the Upper Town creating a theatrical scenery that will attract you like a magnet due to its traditional color and the amazing view of the city from above.  To the east, Kalamaria is considered one of the best areas of the city with nice planning, seaside coffee shops and fish taverns as well as busy shopping spots. To the western part of the city the cultural center of Lazaristes Monastery holds a prominent position.


With important commercial and cultural events all year long- the International Film Festival and the International Fair being a trademark- museums that constantly offer motives to visit them, the constant appearance of new hangouts that transform abandoned shops into multi-functional spaces with European standards and with a gastronomic interest the city pulses all year long. Between hotels, historic and listed buildings and former tobacco factories, you will find suggestions for every taste.

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