They leave from facebook

According to a recent emarketer survey, Facebook is losing popularity, since few users leave it for both Instagram and Snapchat. The popular social network appears for the first time to lose users aged 18-24. The well-known analyst and emarketer company has already predicted a decrease in the use of children under the age of 18, but now sees that Facebook’s “mass exit” is widening.

Based on the same survey, all those who leave Facebook are headed for both the young Instagram (known to belong to the Facebook family) and Snapchat as a strong opponent, as eMarketer is the new destination for young people. It is indicative that Snapchat already has more users 12 to 24 years old from Instagram, and this number is growing rapidly.

The survey also shows that Instagram will “grow” by 1.6 million users under the age of 24, while in Snapchat this figure is already 1.9 million. “Snapchat may be able to attract the older age groups by reforming its platform to make it simpler,” said Debra Aho Williamson, an eMarketer analyst, among others. “The question is whether the youngest will continue to think of the snapchat when their parents and grandparents start using it,” he added, and concluded by saying “This is the sensitive subject of Facebook.”

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