Triangles Elenidis: Genuine flavor

Triangles = Eleniides. For the Thessalonians, Eleniides does not sell triangles but squares because they are so delicious that you eat two or two. You eat and eat again without losing weight. Such a cream has not been restored to the human mouth.

It was the difficult years after the 40s, when Giannis Elenidis had an idea that was to change the data to taste. Sharing milk until then and making creams and creams that won the love of the world, he took a step further: Around 1956, he began making cakes of pastry that filled them with cream of his own inspiration. The sheet was handmade, the materials were chosen, the recipe was unique and Giannis Elenidis added his passion creating the triangle known to all of us that was loved by everyone and acquired a fame that soon traveled all over Greece.

It was the sweet that was to be left in history as a triangle by Eleniides, thanks to its creator and later known as the triangle of Panorama taking the name of the area. These triangles, of the same quality and made with the same recipe and always with pure materials, you find them, even today, in the shops where Vangelis and Kostas, the children of Yannis Elenidis, continue the family tradition by keeping the secret which makes the triangles in the box marked “El” stand out.


Addresses: Café Themistoklis Sofouli 15, tel. 2310 421 699, Georgios Papandreou 6 (formerly Antheon), tel. 2310 855 482, Venizelou 12 – Panorama, tel. 2310 344 948

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