White Tower: Trademark

The White Tower is the symbol of Thessaloniki and due to its location – its long history and the imposing architecture that characterizes it.

The Tower was built in the 15th century to replace an earlier Byzantine fortification dating back to the 12th century, and later rebuilt by the Ottomans. It was originally used as a fortress to strengthen the defense at the port, as a guard and jail. Because of his reputation as a notorious prison he was also known as the “Tower of Blood” (Kanli Koule) or “Torre Blanca”. Its renaming to “White Tower” is believed to have happened in 1891 after its liming.

It was surrounded by long walls that were capable of supporting heavy weapons. A large part of these fortifications was demolished at the beginning of the 20th century as part of a more general modernization, and it is not clear whether it was part of the original construction or added later to further enhance the defensive features of the city.

Today the White Tower is open to the public, while visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the splendid panoramic view from its top. Within the Tower a very special museum awaits visitors.

It is a space devoted to the long history and the multicultural face of Thessaloniki as it was shaped by its inhabitants.

Aroma of Thessaloniki

The first picture from our entrance to the White Tower has to do with the heart of the city! Besides, this is the aim of the museum. Meet the city to its guests.

Through presentations of specific characteristics of the city we will be able to understand Thessaloniki over time. The exhibition focuses on important moments and aspects of her life.

The geographical location of the city, as the center of the commercial and maritime streets of the wider region, important events of its history, as well as the spiritual and social life of the city, are some of the main themes that are approached successively on the various floors of the tower.

Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a timeless walk from the foundation of the city 23 centuries ago, to the recent past and to experience the different cultures that shaped its present identity through its communities.

Through smart multimedia applications, atmospheric images and sounds and the use of touch screens, each visitor will have the opportunity to learn a lot of information about all the places he can visit and what used to exist there over the centuries!

Know that …

The White Tower is a hub for those who want to know more about Thessaloniki, as the distances of some of the most important sights and monuments are ideal for walking.
It is considered the most ideal place for the visitor to start exploring the city!
Maximum number of guests: 70 people


Address: Paralia Thessaloniki, tel. 2310 267 832, website: http://www.lpth.gr/index.php

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