Why should my kid to museum?

Article by the museum educator, Mr. Eformias Tsimagas

The social role of museums is to inform and educate the public. That is why when we wonder about the pedagogical benefits of museums the immediate answer is the acquisition of academic knowledge. But this is essentially the tip of the iceberg relative to what museums can offer to families, especially to children.

Visiting a museum and direct viewing of the exhibits and surveillance material of the exhibitions creates the right conditions for children to understand the historical past, something that can not be done so easily in the classroom.

In fact, history is hidden behind any kind of museum. Thus, whether we visit children with a children’s museum, a gallery or a science museum through their exhibits will give rise to historical narratives about them.

In a visit to a museum and although parents are not experts, they should encourage children to ask questions, which will lead them to love for the story. The captions of the exhibits and museum supervision will help solve the children’s questions. The formulation of questions and arguments fosters the linguistic development of children and the enrichment of their vocabulary.

In addition, the observation of the exhibits leads the children to the observation and comparison of the objects. Through this process, children’s critical historical thought is cultivated.

Even more interesting for children is their participation in an educational museum program. That is why in recent years more and more museums have been designing and implementing educational programs not only for school groups but also for families.

The experiential nature of these programs creates the appropriate learning environment for children to gain the most pedagogical benefits through their participation. But a museum educational program offers not only knowledge, but also an opportunity to create and entertain. Learning becomes a game and a visit to the museum appealing to children.

Equally important is the fact that museum visits create the prerequisites for encouraging lifelong learning because children come into contact with objects that are not familiar and familiar to them, something that fits their imagination and curiosity, the structural ones elements of lifelong learning.

Christmas festivals are therefore an opportunity for parents and children to spend together creative, constructive and pleasant time away from the routine of everyday life.

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