Workshops on bullying

The phenomenon of electronic bullying, as well as the addiction behavior of young people on the internet, will be analyzed by special child psychiatrists during a scientific meeting that will take place on Tuesday, March 6, at Stavros Kougioumtzis Amphitheater, Panorama Town Hall.

The event “Psycho-pedagogical Reflections: Modern Practice Interventions” is organized by the municipality of Pylaia Chortiati in collaboration with the Hellenic International Scientific Institute “Amfiktionies”.

Two rounds of speeches will take place during the information event and in particular:

  • A cycle (10.00 am): “Digital modern technology and addictive behaviors”, rapporteur: B. Dafoulis, Child Psychiatrist, Director of Children’s Psychiatric Department, General Hospital of Thessaloniki, Ippokrateio General Hospital and moderator A. Vidal, MD PhD, President of the Hellenic International Scientific Institute “Amphictyonies”.
  • B ‘cycle (11.00 am): “The phenomenon of intimidation – Cyberbulling and suggestions for coping” with the rapporteur, Sofia Speliniotis, Child Psychiatrist, MD PhD and commentator, Petros Stagiopoulos, Child Psychiatrist, Director of Child Psychiatry Department, General Hospital of Ippokratio, Thessaloniki.
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