“Yes in good Greek”

In a very interesting interview on Bovary and Myrto Loverdos, Professor George Babiniotis, Professor at the University of Athens, spoke about language issues and not only. Indicatively, we have highlighted some of Mr. Babiniotis’ positions and listed below:

“The language is set and established in school. Critical linguistic age ends with elementary school. That is why I place emphasis on primary education. Then we are deepening, improving, but from the two to the twelve we have the biological ability to master the mother tongue if we are helped right by school. And that determines us. Whatever gaps there are, it is difficult to restore. ”

“It is not possible for the simple man to know what are the contiguous, the lasting and the momentary ones, so that he may or may not put it in. Else let us give the basis: However, in the causation of males and females I say, it must always come in – the trouble and the murder. The pronunciation is different. Let’s relax with ourselves and let’s look at the story of the words. ”

“I will tell you about the glamor that is from the word grammar: They took the grammar and made it grammatica. The English drove the end and made it a grammar, then the Scots made it glammar, glamor and was the language of the elite. Why did not everyone know it then. It was also a bit obscure and magical, because what they do not all know becomes a little magical. And it has become the glamor …. ”

“You ask me what does a prime minister make mistakes in his speech? If the reason is meaningless, conceptually, then it is a problem. And it usually starts as an attempt to cover up rather than reveal through speech. It’s a fake language process, a fake, false language. When it is a bad choice of a word or type, it means that it discredits the language and does not care to have a quality. It may be because of a lack of knowledge or lack of mood to fill the gaps in the language. Both are problems. And to discredit yourself, to act as a model, your native tongue and to make mistakes and to use the language for masking, not for revelation. ”

“The worst thing is to think that your relationship with language is over when school is over. I have a heretical view of the cause of this situation: The superficial structure is the economic one. The deep structure is to reduce and lower the level of education. What we have experienced in this country in recent years is a sinking of education, which has the wider impact. Because education is running through everything, it penetrates everywhere. ”

“We have an education based on information at the expense of knowledge and cultivation. Eventually children’s minds are cumulatively filled but psychically repelled. It is no coincidence that children do not love school “.

“Education is the prerequisite of education. Education is much broader, it is our readings and our hearings, self-esteem above all. The worst thing is to think that your relationship with language is over when school is over. If you do not have an appeal in yourself to lead yourself to a constant mental alertness, to read, to hear, to troubleshoot, to discuss if you do not have all of it, you have died very early and you have not understood it. ”

“We have a quality problem in language use, in Greek we speak and write. We resolved the language issue and stayed with a language problem. We are not the only ones. Where is it due? The main reason is because we have somewhat devalued our language. We consider it to be a communication tool. So, I speak Greek. I am not worried about what I know, if it is quality, in the sense that it is accurate, simple, effective and above all my telling word. That is, if it reveals my thought. So we have a relationship with language devaluing. Previously watching what they say and write, they considered it important and they were working for it. We now consider it automatic, what we learned, we learned … ”

“It is typical that parents in schools ask if their children will learn good English, and never ask if they will learn good Greek, which is the vehicle of their thinking. They are concerned whether they will have a swimming pool and sports facilities at school. I am concerned with principles, values, rules, and education. ”

“If I do not regard language as a value and I do not devote a time to quality language, it is a problem. To say “no matter what,” instead of “uninformed,” I do not care very much, because they are words that sound right while they are not. We all make mistakes in language. ”

“I listen with great attention to the mistakes of people, with tolerance and understanding. The linguist knows why a mistake is made. Like listening to “ripening,” while the right thing is “ripening”, because it is from verb to – and not from verb to – (like, I heat, hence heating). The linguist is sensitive. I never shake my finger. When I hear the mistake, it mainly recalls the problem that we do not care about using the language as much as it should. The depreciation of language disturbs me to people who are sophisticated. “

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